We are VentureKJ (aka. Venture with Kyle & Jon)!

A collaboration between Kyle Goetsch and Jon Kerrin, two well-known South African landscape photographers.

Our shared love of photography, nature and adventure, and our passion for teaching others, brought about a partnership which seeks to show others the wonderment, beauty and excitement of photographing nature.

Hiking mountains, bracing against fierce ocean waves, and chasing epics storms are what we love to do most. And where the best weather is, our cameras are sure to follow.

Our vision for VentureKJ is to take others to these wild and wonderful natural places and capture stunning moments in time in an environment that is both informative, exciting and enjoyable.

We have hand-picked some of the best photographic locations in Southern Africa to capture desolate desert beauty, grand mountain vistas, epic seaside cliff faces, bright stars in dark night sky, and so much more! Along with like-minded photographers in a fun and relaxed environment, we guide you to getting great shots and learning the wonderful art of landscape photography.

Come and join Kyle and Jon on an adventure you won’t forget!

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Kyle Goetsch

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Jon Kerrin

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